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Zentec Performance Testosterone Suspension

Testosterone Suspension Zentec Pharmaceuticals is an injectable testosterone hormone that is water based. This anabolic androgenic steroid is used for the purpose of building mass quickly.

Zentec Performance Testosterone suspension  has no ester attached which makes it very fast acting.   anabolic/androgenic ratio is 1:1 meaning it is exactly as anabolic as it is androgenic. Actually, testosterone is the steroid that all anabolic/androgenic ratios are based on. If a steroid is 2:1, then it is, compared with Testosterones ratio, doubly as anabolic as it is androgenic. Hence, we see from testosterones ratio, it is both quite anabolic as well as androgenic.

Testosterone Suspension is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids ever created. Testosterone Suspension is simply raw testosterone. There is no ester attached, meaning every last milligram of the contained solution is the pure testosterone hormone. This makes Testosterone Suspension tremendously fast acting. In fact, the rapid action of this compound will produce testosterone benefits faster than any standard testosterone compound.

For all intense purposes Testosterone Suspension is the oldest anabolic steroid on the market first appearing in the 1930’s. While Testosterone Propionate was the first commonly produced commercial testosterone compound it was actually created after the suspension version. Testosterone Suspension has also enjoyed an enormous amount of popularity in medical circles for the treatment of androgen deficiencies among many other uses. However, in the modern age its therapeutic use has been somewhat limited. This is largely due to ester base testosterones now dominating the market leaving most Testosterone Suspension to be found in performance enhancement circles.

Health Benefits

Zentec Performance Testosterone Suspension has the ability to raise the storage of glycogen in the muscle cells, because it is dissolved in water the effects work immediately. What makes this steroid different from other ester hormones is that it only keeps sustained and elevated testosterone levels for 2-3 days due to its micro crystal design.

Recommended Dosage: 200mg-400mg/week


Zentec Performance is an official distributor for Zentec Pharmaceutical.

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Testosterone Suspension

Testosterone Suspension by Zentec Performance