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Zentec Performance is an Online Steroid Shop based in Canada. Offering high-quality Steroid Tablets, Human Growth Hormones, and Injectables at reasonable prices. Zentec Performance is also the official distributor for the Zentec Pharmaceutical.Our goal is to deliver you high-quality Canadian steroids at a budget-friendly price.

Why Choose Zentec Performance?

Lab-Tested and Safe

We guarantee you, our steroids, be it oral or injectable are lab-tested to ensure your safety. We make it our goal to bring you extra hand and support when it comes to enhancing your body.


We value you as our customer, which is why we keep our medications and steroids prices affordable. But we guarantee you that our medications and enhancement products are of excellent quality.

Fast Shipping and Delivery

We understand that you need to use your item as soon as and as discreet as possible, which is why we always make it our top priority to deliver you quality items quickly. After sending us your order, you’re given a tracking number. Your item will be discreetly delivered to you.

Responsive Customer Service

Your questions and concerns with regards to our items are important. We want to make sure not one of your questions is left unanswered. Which is why we try our best to give you a reply no longer than 24 hours from the time it was given. To make sure you have an excellent buying experience.


By accessing our website, you agree that the owners, sponsors, employees, writers and advertisers are clear from any criminal or civil liability that may occur from the jurisdiction of your country.

In addition to that, we do not encourage you to use these medications if you are an athlete, and you’re prohibited to use steroids. All information from this website should not be in any form, used as a medical recommendation.

The Zentec Performance ensures to give you an outstanding experience with our online shop. Making sure you get quality items at a reasonable price.

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