How to Reduce Estrogen Naturally

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How to reduce Estrogen

How to reduce Estrogen-Estrogen is very important for a female body. Not only can it maintain bones, tissues, brain, cholesterol, but an excessive level can also save you from harmful diseases like cancer.

Estrogen level increases for the progesterone level in the blood, leading to mood swings and low sex drives. However, you will also face other health risks for higher estrogens.

So the question became vital – how to reduce Estrogen naturally?

In this article, you will find about 10 ways to reduce Estrogen naturally and some additional information. So, let get started!

10 Ways to Reduce Estrogen Naturally

One famous therapy is estrogen hormone replacement therapy which helps in menopause but creates chances of having breast cancer. Many factors depend on estrogen level. So, it is very important to keep Estrogen maintained.

Here are 10 ways that can reduce Estrogen naturally:

  • Keep Away Environmental Estrogen
  • Proper Supplements
  • More Fiber
  • Proper enzymes
  • Balanced Diet
  • Stress management
  • Skip Birth Control
  • Sleep Properly
  • Reduce Weight
  • Reduce Caffeine

Let’s get started on the details!

Keep Away Environmental Estrogen

It would be best to avoid xenoestrogen, including plastics, synthetic hormones, and chemicals. Additionally, it is necessary to avoid plastics as much as possible because they are harmful to your body.

On the other hand, shifting to safe household and skincare products are also very important to reduce Estrogen naturally. Many databases check whether your products have a proper resource or anything you should avoid.

Proper Supplements

In supplement DIM, you will find cruciferous vegetables in concentrated amounts. This supplement helps the liver detoxify much faster by making a successful estrogen metabolism.

It is very important to consult a doctor before getting any progesterone cream or micronized progesterone. When progesterone level decreases naturally, these can help balance your progesterone hormone level.

You can find DIM and creams offline and in online stores, so you can purchase these products by showing a prescription. Nevertheless, it would be best to change your supplements by consulting a doctor.

More Fiber

You will get more fibre if you eat vegetables. However, your body can use fibre to eliminate excess Estrogen easily. Additionally, it is necessary to have proper digestion to eliminate Estrogen regularly.

Proper Enzymes

You will require a microbiome and good gut lining for proper estrogen metabolism. However, a portion of natural probiotic food will help to have a good gut lining.

On the other hand, it is necessary to get professional help while having chronic digestive problems. They would help to lower gut inflammation by improving your digestive system.

Balanced Diet

Estrogen comes from adipose tissue. However, high body fat and estrogen level are related to each other. If you have high body fat, you will have estrogen dominance in your body.

Therefore, you should consult a doctor to know whether lowering your body fat would benefit your body.

Stress Management

Stress management helps your body have the proper resources for your sex hormones. When you are under high stress, your body starts prioritizing Cortisol. Therefore, your progesterone level will be neglected from pregnenolone and result in estrogen dominance.

On the other hand, stress could also affect the ovulation process and lower progesterone production in your body. There are many ways available online and offline to manage your stress. Moreover, you will find supplements to control your anxiety.

Skip Birth Control

Different birth control pills can change your sex hormones. For example, intrauterine devices, arm implants or control pills could result in lowering your sex drives. Birth control could produce a lot of progestin and Estrogen in your body to imitate pregnancy by not ovulating.

However, once you stop taking birth control pills, your body could result in a high level of xenoestrogens and estrogen dominance. Eventually, your body would try for hormonal regulation and metabolism.

Sleep Properly

Good sleep affects your body in different ways. So, you will get many good results for mental and physical restoration if you follow a good sleep cycle. Additionally, your hormones could also improve with a proper sleep cycle.

A sleep hormone is melatonin that helps balance overall hormones in the body. Melatonin also balances sex hormones in the female body. Being an adult, it’s very important to have 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day. The sleep hours differ in every age, so you can check out online charts to find yours.

Reduce Weight

It is very important to have good hormonal health with proper weight. Therefore, it will be a great decision if you’re trying to reduce weight.

Also, you can aim for having body fat below 28%. But it is necessary to exercise and eat properly, or your body wouldn’t produce or store Estrogen through aromatization in the right amount.

In the aromatization process, your body will have excess fat cells, which is unnecessary and unhealthy for your body.

Reduce Caffeine

Studies show that caffeine can affect your estrogen level, including the genetic makeup. Depending on the type of your menstrual cycle, caffeine could produce some unusual changes in the estrogen level.

Therefore, it would be best to avoid caffeine as much as possible because you could get balanced hormones or estrogen levels out of it.

What are the Symptoms of High Estrogen?

You will easily understand when your body starts facing hormonal imbalance. However, high-level Estrogen is an issue that you’ll find impossible to ignore.

Some common symptoms of high Estrogen are:

  • Painful or heavy period
  • Menstrual or premenstrual migraines
  • Low libido
  • Swollen or tender breasts in period
  • Condition endometriosis
  • Premenstrual syndromes
  • Weight gain in hips, thighs, or abdomen
  • Bloating on premenstrual or menstrual period
  • Abnormal or irregular cycles

What are the Causes of High Estrogen?

High Estrogen is also called estrogen dominance. However, there are many causes for high Estrogen in the body. Let’s look into some of them!

Exposure to Estrogen

Gradually, women are getting more exposed to Estrogen through the environment and diet. One estrogen compound is a phytoestrogen found in flax and soy. If you take excess phytoestrogen, you can suffer from estrogen dominance.

Another natural estrogen is a xenoestrogen, a manufactured compound found in plastics, household products, birth control, or cosmetics. Taking too many xenoestrogens could result in estrogen dominance.


Perimenopause is the time when a woman officially starts facing menopause officially. At this time, a woman’s body starts preparing for fertility through the shifting hormone levels.

One common issue of estrogen dominance is if you are in perimenopause with unpleasant symptoms, there is a high chance of having low progesterone. In low progesterone, the ovulation process tends to get slower.

Deficiency in Progesterone

Estrogen dominance means that your body has a very high level of estrogen-related progesterone. In estrogen dominance most cases, your body is not producing sufficient progesterone. Sometimes, your body could start to suffer low progesterone levels for unsuccessful ovulation or stress.

Weak Gut Health

Beta-glucuronidase is an enzyme found in the gut, produced by some bacteria. If you have weak gut health, your body will make a lot of this enzyme. Eventually, you will face estrogen metabolism to enter again in your body circulation.

Additionally, your body will suffer from weak digestion if you have weak gut health. So, to get rid of excess hormones, you need proper digestion and elimination in your body.

What to Drink to Reduce Estrogen Naturally?

You can try caffeine or sodas when you want to increase your estrogen level. Studies show that sugary drinks and caffeine can increase Estrogen within a short time.

You can’t get any drink that can lower or balance your hormone level in reducing estrogen levels. For post-menopausal women, you can try green tea to reduce your estrogen level.

Many factors could affect your estrogen level, and everyone has a different hormone level. But if you exercise regularly and follow a balanced diet, your estrogen level might stay balanced.

How to Check Estrogen at Home?

You can easily check estrogen levels at home by a short self-blood collection process. There are many hormone level checks in stores to use at home. You will get the most accurate result through blood collection.

If you take a progesterone level, you can get your estrogen level as the test measures progesterone level in your blood. It would be best to take this test if you’re starting a family, trying to get pregnant, wanting to know about hormone levels, having hormonal imbalances, etc.

Final Words

You can easily reduce Estrogen naturally by following a few steps. However, you should also know the cause of estrogen dominance. In most cases, estrogen dominance results in symptoms like PMS, gaining weight or painful periods.

Therefore, you can start with exercising, following a proper diet and maintaining a proper sleep schedule to have a balanced estrogen level.

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